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Nexus Labs
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In a remote corner of the Nexus, there's a place a little different, from the rest. Suited to a more... specialised purpose.

Welcome to the Nexus Labs. Collected here is the best of everything the multiverse has to offer, in research and equipment. There's always a spare lab space for those in need, and funding freely given, even for the more unique experiments.


Members are asked to be courteous to each other, and to feel free to share their latest discoveries. The purpose of the place is to foster a sense of community between scientists nexus-wide, after all. And who knows? There might even be someone out there who can help you make that Nobel-winning discovery.

If you're looking for Orne Library, please go to libri_imperium.

Unlike most of the various Nexii, violence is permitted here -- even death is possible. However, as with everywhere else in the Nexus, nothing happens unless both typists are okay with it. Don't feel pressured to participate in anything you're uncomfortable with, and if you suspect your post will make people uncomfortable, please lj-cut/give a warning.

Due to changing circumstances, please do not destroy large portions of the Labs themselves, without checking first with the maintainer. Contact information is above.

Please be careful which doors you open, which rooms you set up in. The labs are a collection of research and experimental facilities from all different eras and universes, and some of the older ones (or for that matter, the newer) may not be completely safe.

And please, please, please -- always practice proper safety procedures, and keep track of your specimens. The last thing we need is a repeat of the Tribble incident.