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30 April 2007 @ 08:17 pm
sterile flower garden  
The laboratory has been set up and fully equipped for the task at hand, distilled water and ethanol spirits measured out for the different phases of boiling, steeping and cold infusion that are required to turn a mature specimen of paeonia officinalis into 'aglaophotis', a pure substance that can cause evil spirits to flee. Otto had only a limited understanding of how the stuff worked and rarely bothered considering the mechanism behind its effectiveness; if he were to as the Swamp Thing, who had once used a torrent of aglaophotis to sear-away the presence of the King in Yellow from his body, then he would know that it was in fact a pure form of what Swamp Thing called "The Green", the life force that resonates in all of Earth's plant life.

None of this really troubled him at the moment, however. Even though Doctor Octavius had prepared a labspace for Aglaophotis preparation, his thoughts were occupied by a private fantasy that he had decided to make manifest after recent events... one that involved his pre-Napoleonic friend, Georik. At the moment, he was being led to the room that Octavius had reserved for his supposed scientific work, and being regaled with an explanation as to how Otto had come across the instructions for synthesizing aglaophotis in the first place.

"...the late '80s, from what I gleaned. He used to be the director of Alchemila Hospital upstate, before he went missing. Most of the notes he had taken were useless, something related to the local drug trade... they wouldn't explain to him how the PTV, the stuff they were selling, was made, but they did give him instructions for making the antidote, which just happened to be 'aglaophotis'."

Otto stops, and gestures to one of the open doors. "And, here we are. I've got everything mostly set up already, we just have to cut and separate the flowers..."
Otto Octavius: solemnly choking spidey- web of deathoctopus_hubris on May 2nd, 2007 02:33 am (UTC)
"..never... never would have hurt..."

The old man tried to speak, but nothing would come; whether it was guilt or simply primal fear of the demon rising up before him that caused him to be struck dumb, Otto had been reduced to silent panic in an instant. His robotic arms lay motionless around him, while his real ones gestured meaninglessly as he struggled to think of a word, of some reason as to why he would be alone in this room, in the process of sexually assaulting his friend.
devilsphyscian on May 2nd, 2007 02:49 am (UTC)
He snapped his fingers, and the peonies burst into flames, the flowers seem to explode, and flew towards Otto - the cinders red-hot, and the smell of burning flora filled the air.

"Do not lie to me, wretched rodent." The demon snarled with Georik's lips, which now seemed black like a corpse's. "Know this well, if thou so as much think about laying a filthy paw upon this form, I shall rend thee from limb to limb, tendon to tendon, and incinerate thy bones into the finest powder possible and spread them all over the Nexus." With that, he clicked the doctor's boots together and exited, letting the man deal with the smoke and fire.

Now it was his task to bring his Master out of here.
Otto Octavius: no good.... - Gil Kaneoctopus_hubris on May 2nd, 2007 03:34 am (UTC)
Otto was too overwhelmed by his emotions to react when Georik(?) transformed the flowers into shrapnel, and was knocked clean onto his back by the assault, his damaged eyes saved only by the sunglasses that he wears. Then he was all alone, surrounded by the smouldering mess of his lab space.

The sprinkler system kicked in after a minute, putting out the fire and soaking the prostrate doctor; unable to process everything that has just happened, the sociopathic delusion that led to the confrontation and the maddeningly painful burns on his face, his mind shifts off, leaving his body in a catatonic rictus for the rest of the day.