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11 July 2006 @ 10:19 pm
Well. There's something intresting.  
She's already made her semi-weekly Wolfos sacrifice, so that can't be why she's here now.

Somewhat near Some's kitchen, Nyoka has claimed a labratory of her own. Evidently, it's a lab of some sort of magical type.

Right now, she's setting up shop. Several bottles, a lot of chemicals with varying magical properties, devices, all sorts of things.

Some of which, one might wonder where she aquired them, as her homeworld is psuedo medieval, so one might wonder where she got, say, that gas stove.

Either way, she's humming cheerfully and practically bouncing on her coils. In a good mood, it would seem.

(( If I dun reply, I've gone offline, and will continue this thread tomorrow. I apologize for inconvieneces it may or may not cause I am BACK, yo. ))
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Current Mood: INSPIRED!
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