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01 May 2007 @ 07:48 pm
Delia Harbor may be an ultimate bitch, but tonight, something she wants, something she wants very badly is on the line.  The cyborg woman runs through the corridors, searching for the right sort of lab until she finds one, only a few doors away from Some's kitchen.  It's telling that she doesn't even glance down towards the room where she died under his knives, not too long ago.

But to get her hands on Octavius again, free and clear.  She didn't imagine she'd ever have this chance again.  Working quickly, impatiently, she prepares for the worst.  Who knows what the little monster has done to the body?
30 April 2007 @ 08:17 pm
The laboratory has been set up and fully equipped for the task at hand, distilled water and ethanol spirits measured out for the different phases of boiling, steeping and cold infusion that are required to turn a mature specimen of paeonia officinalis into 'aglaophotis', a pure substance that can cause evil spirits to flee. Otto had only a limited understanding of how the stuff worked and rarely bothered considering the mechanism behind its effectiveness; if he were to as the Swamp Thing, who had once used a torrent of aglaophotis to sear-away the presence of the King in Yellow from his body, then he would know that it was in fact a pure form of what Swamp Thing called "The Green", the life force that resonates in all of Earth's plant life.

None of this really troubled him at the moment, however. Even though Doctor Octavius had prepared a labspace for Aglaophotis preparation, his thoughts were occupied by a private fantasy that he had decided to make manifest after recent events... one that involved his pre-Napoleonic friend, Georik. At the moment, he was being led to the room that Octavius had reserved for his supposed scientific work, and being regaled with an explanation as to how Otto had come across the instructions for synthesizing aglaophotis in the first place.

"...the late '80s, from what I gleaned. He used to be the director of Alchemila Hospital upstate, before he went missing. Most of the notes he had taken were useless, something related to the local drug trade... they wouldn't explain to him how the PTV, the stuff they were selling, was made, but they did give him instructions for making the antidote, which just happened to be 'aglaophotis'."

Otto stops, and gestures to one of the open doors. "And, here we are. I've got everything mostly set up already, we just have to cut and separate the flowers..."
02 April 2007 @ 10:52 am
Schreber has been puttering for about a week, pinpointing back and forth from home and setting up his lab again. It's been pretty much empty since his heart attack and that was a while ago. He's visited once or twice to show Sarah around but now he's moving things in and setting up his room again. There's another beat up couch (Not the same one, that's at the beach house), and his lockbox with the brainjuice samples, and the computer is up and running. There's also a box with a lamp that's supposed to simulate real sunlight and a little wire rack like you're supposed to put in a patio for flowerpots. Schreber is still puttering because he's not really sure where to get started but the door is open (that makes him a little jumpy) and there's a sign taped to the door with his name on it again. The old one got swept away in the flood.
Orwell is on the arm of the new couch, pulling at threads and watching the door anxiously for visitors but the lab seems very quiet these days.
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03 September 2006 @ 08:04 pm
Things have been quiet in the Labs, lately. No hum of electricity and magic from Norman's mostly-soundproofed private rooms, no predictable click-click of his shoes as he makes his rounds through the immaculate maze of corridors.

The silence is broken today, though -- by footsteps, and a voice. "Norman? Norman, where are you...?" Amber winds her way through the familiar halls, searching for her other. And then, and then...

And then the floor, that treacherous black tile, shivers, and the air through the vents sounds like soft, mad laughter. And she breaks into a run.

A door slams behind her, and all is quiet once again.
19 August 2006 @ 09:31 pm
The Labs have been as good as closed for the past few weeks, due to the flooding. And while the water is mostly gone, now, they're no more habitable for it, and polite little signs in the halls advise living residents to please leave until repairs are completed. Seaweed and algae and the bodies of strange, pale sea-creatures, big-eyed and misshapen, litter the halls, and none of the equipment or facilities are quite functional yet.

...also, there are large groups of Los Ganados wandering the halls, led by laughing Norman-avatars further and further into the shifting maze of halls he is willing the Labs to be. Now, the only question is what do do with them...
25 July 2006 @ 07:55 pm
Two people pinpoint into the entrance to the Nexus labs, and immediately both look very surprised to be standing in a couple inches of water. One of the people is Schreber, and he has Orwell on his shoulder and is leaning on a cane, but the other person is a stranger to the labs. She is a woman probably a little younger than him.
"It... ah... it usually isn't... like this." Schreber gives her a very apologetic look and smiles weakly.
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23 July 2006 @ 12:46 am
Hmm. He's never been here before. Never had a reason; he's not a man of science. Z has been here before though, once. He figures it's safe enough. Still, on his guard and his best behaviour, he starts to look for Norman Osborn.
21 July 2006 @ 11:36 pm
Ulti's loft is undergoing one of the Sanctuary's periodic rearrangements, so he's brought his books to the Labs to study.  This... may not have been the best of ideas, as the Labs are flooded, an inch or so of water over the black tiles.

"... Norman?"
18 July 2006 @ 11:03 pm
Following the directions from Norman, the fuzzy elf makes his way to a very big building complex that just reeks of *SCIENCE!* Hm. Okay. He takes a minute to assure himself that he is a big strong mutant and is perfectly capable of going into the *SCIENCE!* complex. Alone. Sure he looks like something that every person in a lab coat is going to itch to have on a slab with needles a-glistening nearby, but he can teleport! Which Osborn knows about. Crap. Screw it. Image inducer on, and in we go.
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11 July 2006 @ 10:19 pm
She's already made her semi-weekly Wolfos sacrifice, so that can't be why she's here now.

Somewhat near Some's kitchen, Nyoka has claimed a labratory of her own. Evidently, it's a lab of some sort of magical type.

Right now, she's setting up shop. Several bottles, a lot of chemicals with varying magical properties, devices, all sorts of things.

Some of which, one might wonder where she aquired them, as her homeworld is psuedo medieval, so one might wonder where she got, say, that gas stove.

Either way, she's humming cheerfully and practically bouncing on her coils. In a good mood, it would seem.

(( If I dun reply, I've gone offline, and will continue this thread tomorrow. I apologize for inconvieneces it may or may not cause I am BACK, yo. ))
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